Skill Ball Game area

How to play
The goal of the game is to destroy all bricks with the ball.
There are 2 game modes: Tournament mode and Practice mode
Tournament mode: Always start with level 1 and 3 extra lives. The goal is to get to final level without losing all lives. Each level that is completed is unlocked to play in Practice mode.
Practice mode: Play unlocked levels and practice.
Use left mouse button to start the ball and to use powerups. Move mouse to move pad left and right.
To pause the game press 'Escape' or 'P' key.
To mute sounds go to Main Menu / Options / Sound off
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Bullet You get 25 bullets to shoot at bricks. Each bullet is worth 1 ball hit.
MegaBullet You get 10 bullets to shoot at bricks. Each bullet is worth 2 ball hits.
PowerBall Changes Ball into PowerBall, enabling instant brick destruction.
FireBall Changes Ball into FireBall, enabling instant brick destruction and go through effect.
Sticky Turns your Pad into Sticky one. You can stick ball 3 times to the pad.
MultiBall Splits Ball into 3 Balls. Play with them until you loose them all.
Comet You get 5 Comets. Use left mouse button to start, move left and right to manuever.
ExtraLife One life added to your lifes.
Coins PowerUp Collecting multiple coins gives you extra life and more bonus points.